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Thursday, March 4, 2010

UV Replacement Bulb Maintenance, Resources

What makes a quality UVC Bulb for replacement in an Ultraviolet Sterilizer, Clarifier, Purifier or similar device?

To start with often it is not the bulb itself but proper cleaning/maintenance of the Sterilizer, clarifier unit at the time of bulb change.
For instance if your Sterilizer/clarifier uses a quartz sleeve, this should be cleaned at ever bulb change, otherwise residue such as hard water deposits that accumulate on Sterilizers used for ponds or aquarium applications can block much of the useful UVC energy, rendering your bulb change basically useless. Even air purifiers can accumulate debris or residue that can also block useful UVC energy, so this too should be removed when servicing the bulb.

Of coarse many UVC Bulbs are not the same; some only produce 80% or more of the initial UVC irradiation energy for a couple of months versus properly designed low pressure mercury lamps that produce 250-260 NM of UVC light energy necessary for effective Sterilization.
Many rejects (that often find there way to eBay) are NOT pure low pressure mercury lamps and range into the 350 NM range which is not effective for Sterilization.

See this article for more:
UV (UVC) lamps (Bulbs) used in Aquariums and Ponds and how they work.

Recommended Web Sites/Resources

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